Who is this Pho-Lisha?

Alisha Spencer was born in Texas, and raised in the bayous of southeastern Louisiana. From an early age, her father instilled in her a passion for cooking and making people feel good through food. She'd always had a knack for making "somethin' outta nothin." At 22, she backpacked Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand like a boss, falling in love with the culture and food of southeast Asia.


Working in and around restaurants for years taught her the skill of service, and how to provide a memorable experience. After living in Houston for several years, she and her fiancee, Travis, moved to Wimberley to care for family and immediately fell in love with the landscape and community. They both knew they'd found their home.

While Wimberley had great restaurants, there were a couple of things missing: Asian and Cajun cuisines. Pho-Lisha knew what she had to do. Her childhood filled with delicious Cajun dishes and her love of the traditional Vietnamese soup dish, Pho, were about to collide like two freight trains of awesomeness, driven by Willie Nelson and a bald eagle. Shooting fireworks.

And so, as the legend goes, Pho-Lisha's Food Truck was born. Focusing on the Wimberley community, Pho-Lisha is bringing variety, freshness and spice to our little slice of heaven on the Blanco. 

Come by the Phomobile and say hi. See what's cookin' and put a Phorrito in your life. 

Bye Pho-Lisha!